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Brand Development


Brand Development – Do people buy ‘hot water tubs’, or do they buy Jacuzzis? Do they buy ‘tissue’, or do they buy Kleenex? Some brands are so well known that the entire niche is known by that specific item, and the very idea of referring to that product by any other name not only seems absurd, but it actually sounds it, too!

There is no greater risk to a startup or small business than being drowned out by the countless ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ companies that spring up overnight. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to develop some sort of brand, and then to have that brand recognized positively in one way or another.

Everyone seeks utility from the goods and services they buy, and when they buy your product, they develop an image of your product as having either fulfilled their need, or having come up short (in which case they will forget about you overnight). And since you can’t have one product that does it all, you have to carefully tweak and position your products and services so that people not only know what to expect when they use it, but that they then come to regularly rely on it to effectively take care of that need of theirs in the future as well.

By working with your brand or concept team, we will help you to carve out your own niche market, and then grow your name and recognition amongst your target audience. Once you have a core group of advocates for your product or service, sales will snowball on their own as long as you maintain your brand image. And we’ll help you get there.

brand development

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