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Proven Strategies For Driving Website Traffic

Proven Strategies For Driving Website Traffic

Proven Strategies For Driving Website Traffic

There are countless resources for virtually everything you can think of. Whether it be a search for information on cars, electronics, homes, medical or legal tips, reviews or whatever else, you’ll end up finding numerous pages claiming to be THE authority in that area. Although, we have so much information available to us today online, it can sometimes seem unfavorable because it can be in a sense like trying to find a needle in a haysack. Time is money, and you have to be able to convince your readers the value of spending time on your page so that they can earn your trust on your specific subject matter.

The challenge for anyone working in the online space is to somehow stand out from the midst of thousands of competing information sources, and getting people to visit your page instead of someone else’s. If you are being drowned out by the competition and people do not know who you are or what you do, your online days will be numbered.
It is with these challenges in mind that we have put together a simple list of things you can do to improve the visibility of your website and rake in not just more visits but more time per visitor, and over all… more conversions. While there are technical measures of website performance such as CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression), this blog focuses on things that anyone can do, even the most novice of bloggers and startup marketing managers.

Fifty Shades Of Blogging

Blogging is a great, non-technical starting point to drive traffic to your website. A number of companies ran experiments in which they increased the frequency of their blogging and in one case, after increasing blogs from twice per week to more than ten posts per week, the result was a three-fold increase in traffic in just over two months. If you are going to blog, look into the following ways to do it best.

Create Content That Is Unique, Helpful, And Valuable
What questions are your customers asking? Answering them is the best thing you can do to get more people to visit your website. Once your blog archives reach critical mass, you’ll be a one-stop-shop for answers to everything in your particular field of work.

Get Movers And Shakers To Write For You
If you are able to have guests with large followings write for you, you’ll get exceptional content for your blog, as well as access to a powerful distribution channel via the influencer’s social network. To do this, you can offer payment, offer to share content on their own site once you have enough of a social following of your own for this to be of value to them, or you can give them free access to some of your products or services.

Start Writing For Others
If you are able to secure a guest post on a reputable site, you can significantly increase blog traffic to your website and help build your brand at the same time. Get increased visibility by sending out invites to others to blog on your site, and exchange blog posts with other sites.
To become a contributor to other blogs or websites, you need to start somewhere and work your way up slowly. If you write every day, post regularly, and are active online, you will improve your chances of being noticed and being offered a spot as a contributor.


Everything Social

Do you have a well-rounded social media presence?
One in every 7 people on the planet is on Facebook, and there are countless millions more on the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, Tumblr, and more. By promoting your content on social media, you’ll have access to a huge customer pool. And with likes, shares, and comments that multiply from one person’s social circle to the next, you can really turn things around by getting your social strategy right. Here are a few areas you should look into when it comes to social marketing.

Facebook Marketing
Enter your mailing list into Facebook to capture the social accounts of everyone whose contact info you have, and promote your blogs via your Facebook business page. Answering questions and responding to comments on not just your page but pages relevant to your industry is a great way to create value and will help you to become recognized as a thought leader in your area. Be sure to maintain quality and relevance by engaging with other people in your niche and not dropping spam links on unrelated websites.

Develop A Community
This can be done with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. People want to speak their minds about things that matter to them. Building a community into your site is a fantastic way to drive conversations and increase traffic to your website. Easy-to-use commenting systems through third-party apps such as Facebook or Disqus are perfect for doing exactly this.

Keep Your Social Presence Active
If you think it’s enough to post regularly and check in on your social accounts every so often, think again. You need to contribute, and you need to actively participate as well. Join in group discussions with relevant hashtags on Twitter, answer questions and engage with your readers on Facebook, and be sure to use each tool or app as intended and not to spam your viewers and readers.

It Pays To Pay

Although you may want to get as much mileage from organic visits as you can before going for paid options, it never hurts to test the waters early on to gauge what paid promotion may be worth to you. You can adjust paid channels to do specific things as well. Do you just want more traffic, or do you want to increase conversions, too? Different paid channels have different advantages and disadvantages so think carefully about your desired objectives before paying for promotion.

Set Up Google Ads
Why not use your website’s real estate for ads? Unless you are specifically going for a clean, no-clutter look, setting up ads is an easy and lucrative way to generate not only income but referral links and for building connections to other blogs, products, or websites.

Social Media Ads
You could also try paid social media ads. They are simple, easy to set up, and you can specify your budget before launching broader campaigns or targeting new markets.

Perfect Your SEO Strategy 

Although SEO approaches to getting a higher Google search ranking is perhaps the most measurable and scientific way to get better results, it is also one of the hardest things to do, to the point that investing in it is almost a no-win situation. Instead of spending too much time on the minutiae of getting SEO terms exactly right, do a combination of the following:

Do Your Homework
Don’t cram every possible keyword onto your site. Instead, carefully make sure the terms and the language people use when searching for products or services in your area of work is included somehow in your content. Identify keywords, but be careful to include them naturally in your content instead of forcing them where they don’t really flow.

Target Longer Keywords
More people bid on shorter keywords, to the point that getting a positive return on your investment might be next to impossible. Instead, go for what are called long-tail keywords, which are short sentence searches as opposed to single-word searches. It can be difficult to get these searches right, but if you are in tune with your audience and are able to gauge the pulse of your industry, you can make double-digit returns on keyword and ad clicks by investing on the right terms.

Quality, Not Quantity
Instead of just thinking in terms of traffic numbers, focus on quality. 1 paying visitor is worth more than 20 casual or uninterested visitors, so don’t just focus on getting a higher search rank. Concentrate on attracting people who are the most likely to buy your product or service.

Get The Most Out Of Email

A number of studies suggested that with the popularity of the likes of WhatsApp, Viber, and other instant messaging tools, email was destined to become obsolete. However, email is still the #1 medium of communication for business and private individuals in terms of sheer volume worldwide. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of email information collected from site visitors and social fans.

Automate Your Emails
You can have email campaigns set up for virtually anything. There are automated email campaigns for when someone fills out a form or downloads some content, or for whenever someone likes your page or asks a question on a particular topic. By staying in touch and constantly in the minds of your customers through regular emails containing interesting information (perhaps from a recent blog, or an interesting Tweet relevant to them), you’ll be able to drive traffic to your site.

Build A Mailing List
Newsletters are great not just for promoting your content and keeping in touch with your customers, but they can also be repurposed for distributing a newsletter. Make sure to have a newsletter opt-in option on your website.

Be Smart And Get The Basics Right

Write Catchy Titles And Headlines
Without a compelling headline, even the best-written blog post will go unread. Experts say you should spent 80 percent of your time on your post’s headline, because many people read headlines and skip over the actual content of online posts.

Make Sure Your Site Is Fast And Responsive
More people than ever before access the web using mobile devices, and if they have a hard time getting around your site, if they cannot access certain areas, if your site is not optimized for viewing on different devices, or if it loads slowly, you are throwing away potential leads.

Repurpose Your Content And Share More Than Once
You’ve spent a lot of time writing and crafting a blog post, so transform it into other formats for redistribution instead of posting it once and forgetting about it. You could turn a blog post into a podcast by recording yourself reading your post aloud and uploading it to iTunes, or turn it into a series of posts in a PDF downloadable ebook or slide presentation. Once you’ve repurposed it, Tweet and post about it and generate new visitors that way.

IN SUMMARY, because there is no magic formula for successfully marketing your content and driving site traffic, play around with different types of content, both in length and format, to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers. Experiment with Facebook, Twitter, look into image sharing sites, become a contributing blogger, post on Reddit or Imgur, and analyze where you are getting the most mileage.
Speaking of mileage, at the end of the day, you need to only pay attention to whichever content of yours that has received the most traffic, comments, or shares, and pull the plug on content that doesn’t perform.


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